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about me

This is where I, Kayla aka Bijoubebe, post my graphics and on occasion do some rambling. Okay, a fair bit of rambling. I love Photoshopping. Besides that, I enjoy baking, literature, being a motormouth, black and white photography, Ted King, felines and watching movies. I'm also a maintainer of Dust from the Soul dustfromthesoul which houses some of my tutorials. Feel free to friend me for updates.

Unless, I state explicitly that something is snaggable, it isn't. By downloading anything that is snaggable, you agree to credit me appropriately and not break any rules which can be read below.


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- No one or two word comments aside from thank you or comments that are symbols or internet slang, abbreviations or computer ebonics. Thanks!

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- Credit this journal when possible (I understand if your signature is limited on a forum but don't take credit)